Friday, May 14, 2010

VIOs Security:

VIO Security

Enable basic firewall settings: viosecure -firewall on

view all open ports on firewall configuration: viosecure –firewall view

To view current security settings: viosecure –view nonint

Change system security settings to default: viosecure –level default

List all failed logins : lsfailedlogin

Dump the global command log: lsgcl

Network interface backup

NIB(Network Interface Backup)

NIB can be used to provide redundant access to external networks when 2 VIO servers used.

Configuring NIB:

  • Create 2 VIO server partitions
  • Install both VIO servers
  • Configure each VIO server with one virtual Ethernet adapter. Each VIO server needs to be a different VLAN.
  • Define SEA with the correct VLAN ID
  • Add virtual Scsi adapters
  • Create client partitions
  • Define the ether channel using smitty etherchannel



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