Saturday, May 7, 2011

AIX Patch Upgradation

AIX Patch Upgradation

  • Take TSM backup for all File systems on AIX servers

  • Take mksysb backups .

  • Take all Configuration backup .

  • Take snapshot of HACMP configuration: smitty cm_cfg_snap.

  • Upload all downloaded file sets from IBM web site .

  • Remove the second disk from the mirror: # unmirrorvg rootvg hdisk1

  • Check if there are any LVs left on the second disk: # lspv -l hdisk1

  • If exists migrate the remaining LVs to the first disk: # migratepv hdisk1 hdisk0

  • Remove the second disk from the root VG, to do this need to clear the boot record of the second PV: # chpv -c hdisk1

  • Check if the bootlist is first set of the disk with the current rootvg, and on second place of the disk with the alt_disk_install: # bootlist -m normal hdisk0 hdisk1

  • Remove the second PV from rootvg # reducevg rootvg hdisk1

  • Run alternate disk installation: # nohup alt_disk_install -B -C hdisk1 &

  • After successful end of above operation test alternate disk installation (using wakeup key) # alt_disk_install -W hdisk1

  • List the content of PV # lspv -l hdisk1

  • Once all is fine, start the installation with the following commands “sleep” # alt_disk_install –S

  • Run the preview using smitty update_all and check the required /usr file system space and increase it.

  • Add new boot image to the first PV to have “fresh” boot record: # bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

  • Stop the cluster services using smitty cl_stop with option both[ Note: check the cluster log in /tmp/hacmp.out and the servers login with the boot IP.]

  • Before start installation should commit all the softwares, installed on the server to make easy roll-back in case of any problems during installation. # smit commit or # installp -c all

  • Update all the software from TL and Service pack # smit update_all

  • Set only apply package, but not commit and keep the copy of replaced files.

  • Reboot both the servers

  • Start the cluster using smitty cl_start. Check the logs in /tmp/hacmp.out
    Roll Back Plan

  • If any problem occurs change the boot disk: bootlist –m normal –o

  • Reboot the server.

  • Start the cluster services

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