Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moving Disk from one VIO client to another

Moving Disk from one VIO client to another

  • If you want to move hdisk1 from VIO_ClientA to VIO_ClientB.

  • Take the backup of /etc/filesystems on VIO_ClientA

  • Stop the DB and APP on VIO_ClientA

  • Move all the LP's from hdisk1 to hdisk2 and hdisk3 using migratepv hdisk1 hdisk2 hdisk3.

  • Check any LP's left in hdisk1 or not using lspv -l hdisk1

  • Take the PVID of hdisk1 using lspv grep -i hdisk1

  • Remove the hard disk from VIO_ClientA using rmdev -Rdl hdisk1

  • On VIO server find the related disk using lspv grep -i "hdisk1 PVID"

  • Find the VTD of Physical volume.

  • From VIO remove the VTD using rmvdev -vtd vtscsi10

  • On VIO Create virtual device with the hdisk on VIO_ClientB using mkvdev -vdev hdisk10 -vadapter vhost3

  • On VIO_ClientB run cfgmgr and assign the new disk to volume group using extendvg datavg

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