Thursday, May 19, 2011

HMC Critical Consolidated Backup

Backup Critical Console Data :

The Backup Critical Console Data task is used to back up the HMC configuration and profile data to the formatted DVD-RAM media. The backup DVD-ROM media is used only when recovering the HMC from the software or hardware problem. The following data is included in the backup DVD-RAM media:

  • User configuration
  • User preferences, including each user’s home directory
  • HMC configuration files that record the following customizing:
    • TCP/IP
    • Rexec/ssh facility setting
    • Remote virtual terminal setting
    • Time zone setting
  • HMC log files located in the /var/log directory
  • Service functions settings, such as Inventory Scout, Service Agent, and Service Focal Point
  • Partition profile data backup

Procedure to automate Critical Console Data backup :

You can automate the Backup Critical Console Data task using the HMC scheduler. Unless you plan on rotating the DVD media, only the most-recent backup image will be on the DVD. To schedule the Backup Critical Console Data task, do the following:

  1. In the Navigation area, expand the HMC Management folder.
  2. In the Navigation area, click the HMC Configuration icon.
  3. In the Contents area, click Schedule Operations.
  4. From the list, select the HMC you want to back up and click OK.
  5. Select Options > New.
  6. In the Add a Scheduled Operation window, select Backup Critical Console Data and click OK.
  7. In the appropriate fields, enter the time and date that you want this backup to occur.
  8. Click the Repeat tab and select the intervals at which you want the backup to repeat and press Enter.
  9. When you have set the backup time and date, click Save. When the Action Completed window opens, click OK. A description of the operation displays in the Scheduled Operations window

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