Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ATAPE Driver installation & Upgradation

From AIX:
List the tape devices: lsdev -Cc tape
Remove the drive and library device names: rmdev -dl
For example, if the drive device name is /dev/rmt1: rmdev -dl rmt1

Upgrade Atape
Ftp the Atape driver in binary mode from IBM FIXCentral:

Remove the older Atape driver (optional): installp -u Atape.driver

Install and commit the Atape driver. For example, if you downloaded the file to /tmp/Atape. installp -acXd /tmp/Atape. all

Configure the tape device: cfgmgr -v (-v is not required but will show where it hangs if it does)

Verify the new devices are Available: lsdev -Cc tape

(Note: While not always absolutely necessary, it is strongly recommended to reboot the system after upgrading the Atape.driver)

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