Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Difference between AIX, VIO, HMC Versions


Enhancement in 6.1

  • In AIX 6.1 ability to create snapshots within the source FS. It’s 2 types: External and Internal. Create snapshot using snapshot –o command. Snapshots will be stored in /fsmountpoint/.snapshot/snap01
  • Encrypted FS: It provides more protection for sensitive data. Commands efsmgr, efskeymgr
  • WPAR technology
  • Hardware performance monitors: PM and HPM
  • NIMSH(service handler) was introduced.
  • /admin/tmp : On this directory privileged processes can securely create temporary files.
  • AIX graphical installer

Enhancement in AIX 5.3

  • Scalable VG introduced
  • It supports P5 HW features(Micro Partitioning, Vscsi, Virtual Ethernet, Shared Ethernet, SEA, IVM)
  • New performance commands like lparstat, mpstat, topas enhanced for micro partitions
  • Concurrent IO implemented
  • NFSv4(replication features, it supports for DIO,CIO supported
  • Login license limit has increased 32767
  • Ps –f , find, alt_disk_mksysb, alt_rootvg_op, alt_disk_copy
  • Chcore, lscore

Enhancement in 5.4

  • web based GUI
  • NFSv4 support environments
  • New GLVM monitoring

Enhancement in 5.3

  • Additional resource and resource group management features(cluster wide RG location dependencies, Distribution preference for IP service aliases
  • Clone a cluster from existing live configuration
  • OEM VG’s and FS has been added to VFS and VVm
  • Performance and usability has been improved
  • New smart assist features

Enhancement in VIO 2.1

  • N_Port ID Virtualization ( Simplifies FC San LUN administration, Enables access to other SAN devices like tape)
  • Virtual Tape (it simplifies backup & restore with shared devices)
  • Dynamic heterogeneous MPIO
  • Partition mobility between HMC
  • Active memory sharing( like shared cpu but for memory)
  • PowerVM Lx86 1.3( New higher performance)

Enhancement in HMC 7

  • It supports new power6 technology features
  • Websm is no longer required. Standard web browser is enough

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