Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Installation & Upgradation

Install a Client Using NIM:

  • Configure NIM master
  • Defined basic NIM resources
  • Defined NIM client you want to install
  • Smit nim_bosinst
  • Select a target for the BOS installation operation
  • Select rte installation for the installation type
  • Select the lpp_source resource for the BOS installation
  • Select the SPOT resource for the BOS installation
  • Select bosinst_data resource that is capable of performing a non prompted BOS installation
  • Select resolv_conf resource
  • Select accept new license agreement option and select yes
  • Press enter
  • Check the status using lsnim –l client name

Clone a rootvg using alternate disk installation:

  • Check the status of physical disks(lspv) hdisk1 as an alternate disk.
  • Check the fileset bos.alt_disk_install.rte using lslpp. If its not installed install using geninstall –d /dev/cd0 bos.alt_disk_install.rte
  • Smit alt_cloneàselect hdisk1à

VIO updates:

  • Applying updates from a local hard disk(Login to the vio by padminàCreate a directoryàusing ftp transfer the update files(Or) mount remote_machine_name:directory /mntàcommit previous updates(updateios –commit)àApply the update ( updateios –accept –install –dev àverify the update using ioslevel àreboot the vio(shutdown –restart)

Migration AIX Version 5.3:


  • System Requirements: Physical Memory:128MB, Paging Space: 512MB, Disk Space:2.2GB
  • Take snap of system using snap –a
  • Documenting your hardware using lsdev –CHc memory, bootinfo –r, lsdev –CHc disk, lsdev –CHc adapter, df –k
  • Documenting your software: oslevel, lslpp –la, lslicense, lsattr –El sys0,
  • Take system backup and data VG

Migration Process:

  • Change the boot list using bootlist –m normal cd0
  • Insert the aix 5l base CD into the CD-ROM
  • Boot the system from CD. You will get the installation menu.
  • The default method of installation is migration
  • Select the hdisk, select advanced options for 32-bit or 64-bit

Migration using alternate disk install:

  • The OS is copied to another disk on your NIM client
  • The copied rootvg is then migrated to 5L.

Process: smit nim(or nimadm_migrate)àPerform NIM software installation and Maintenance tasksàAlternate disk installationà NIM alternate disk migrationàperform nim alternate disk migration( select client, disk name, LPP source and SPOT name)

Migration AIX Version 6.1:

  • Take an mksysb backup for rootvg on bootable media
  • Make a copy: /etc/inetd.conf, /etc/inittab, /etc/motd, /usr/dt/config/Xservers
  • Check and remove restricted tunables in /etc/nextboot
  • Ensure root user is primary authentication method of system. Lsuser –a auth1 root; chuser auth1=system root
  • Users who have logged must be log off
  • Check error log: errpt
  • Verify the processor capacity(32/64bit): prtconf –c
  • Insert 6.1 dvd and mount it: mount –v cdrfs –o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt
  • Copy file /mnt/usr/lpp/bos/pre_migration to /tmp and run /tmp/pre_migration. The output will be stored in /home/pre_migration.yymmddhhmmss
  • Shutdown –F
  • Manually turn on system and boot from DVD
  • Select current console as the system console
  • Select English language
  • Select change/show installation settings and make sure the installation type is migration
  • Run /usr/lpp/bos/post_migration

Migrating HACMP cluster to 5.3:

  • Enough disk space is required on /(1.2 MB) and /usr(120MB)
  • Minimum RAM 128MB required

Pre migration Steps:

  • Take a snapshot
  • Take system backup
  • Run lppchk –v, check ML, check errpt, df –k, lsps –s,

Rolling Migration:

  • From the working cluster we saved a snapshot
  • Took MKSYSB
  • Create alt_disk_install
  • Stop hacmp with takeover. Check that its moved to another node. Confirm with clfindres.
  • Install latest AIX fixes
  • Update and verify RSCT levels
  • Remove and replace SDD. (stopsrc –s sddsrv, rmdev –dl dpo –R, uninstall SDD with smitty remove, install latest SDD)
  • Run smitty update_all
  • Reboot the node
  • Repeat the steps to other servers
  • Check the cluster state by lssrc –ls clstrmgrES

Snapshot Migration:

  • Stop HACMP on all nodes
  • Run smitty remove and deinstall cluster.*
  • Migrate the AIX/RSCT
  • Install the HACMP packages on all nodes
  • Reboot all nodes
  • Convert the snapshot: /usr/es/sbin/cluster/conversion/clconvert_snapshot –v 5.2 –s snapshot.odm
  • Apply the snapshot: smitty hacmpàextended configurationàsnapshot configurationàapply a cluster snapshotàselect snapshot and press enter
  • Start cluster services one node at a time.

Post Migration steps:

  • Verify and synchronize the cluster configuration
  • Do failover test

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