Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NPIV Short Notes

N_Port-ID virtualization is a technology that allows multiple logical partitions to access independent physical storage through the same physical fibre channel adapter. Each partition enabled by a WWPN.

To enable NPIV on the managed system you must create VIO server at least 2.1.

assign atleast one 8GB dual port FC adapter to the VIO.

Then create virtual server and client FC adapter in each partition profile through HMC.

VIO server partition provides connection between virtual fibre channel server adapter and physical FC adapter.

It requires power 6, NPIV enabled SAN switch, 8GB fibre channel adapter, A CISCO MDS 9000 SAN, HMC v7.3.4, VIO 2.1 with fix pack 20.1, sdd

To enable NPIV, assign the physical NPIV capable FC adapter to a VIO server and connect virtual FC adapters on the client partition.

It requires

  • A running standalone source host with rootvg on a SAN LUN
  • NPIV capable FC adapter
  • Destination client partition that is currently running with rootvg on virtual SCSI disk.

On SAN switch:

  • Update firmware to a minimum level of Fabric OS(FOS)5.3.0. check with version
  • Enable NPIV capability on each port using portCfgNPIVPort 16, 1

On the HMC:

  • System managementàserveràserver nameàtasksàdynamic logical partitioningàvirtual adaptersàactionsàcreateàFC adapteràenter virtual slot number for the virtual FC server adapter, select client partition , enter client adapter ID.
  • Tasksàconfigurationàsave current configuration
  • Create virtual fibre channel client adapter in the client partition profile. ActionsàcreateàFC adapteràenter virtual slot number then select VIO server partition, server adapter ID.

On VIO server

  • Run cfgdev command to get the virtual fibre channel adapter
  • Get the list of all available virtual FC server adapter: lsdev –dev vfchost*
  • Get physical FC server adapters: lsdev –dev fcs*
  • Lsnports: it checks the FC adapter NPIV readiness of the adapter and the SAN switch.
  • Use vfcmap command to map to map the virtual adapter to physical adapter : vfcmap –vadapter vfchst0 –fcp fcs1;
  • List the mappings: lsmap –npiv –vadapter vfchost0
  • Do the zoning.
  • Check wwpn by using taskàpropertiesàactionsàpropertie
  • Zoneshow
  • Add a wwpn using zoneadd “vios1”, “c0--------------“
  • Save the new enable using cfgsave
  • Activate client partition
  • Install aix

Replacing a fibre channel adapter:

  • The adapter must be unconfigured or removed from the OS.
  • Mappings must be unconfigured
  • FC adapters and their child devices must be unconfigured or deleted.
  • Lsdev –dev fc4 –child; lsdev –dev fc5 –child; rmdev –dev vfchost0 –ucfg; rmdev –dev fcs4 –recursive –ucfg
  • Adapter can remove using : diagmenu

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